Marbella is famous world-wide for its buzzing nightlife and classy venues. This exclusive holiday resort has no shortage of super cool bars, fine restaurants and legendary night clubs that attract visitors and celebrities year after year.

Upscale venues like La Suite, Olivia Valere or Funky Buddha on the glamorous Golden Mile allow you to dance the night away in their classy atmosphere. If it’s a lounge bar atmosphere you are after then Living Room or Mosh and some of the bars in the Puerto Deportivo of Marbella such as Lemmon and Sunset Marbella are a good choice, or if a cool clubbing scene with top DJs is what you are looking for, clubs like Teatro, Tibu, Pangea, News Cafe or the newly opened Mirage in Puerto Banus are a must and Aqwamist, just a short walk out of the port is also a fabulous choice! A hidden gem among Marbella’s nightlife is the hidden brewpub La Catarina, an artisan brewery only 5 minutes away from Puerto Banus offering all kinds of live music and underground events with a great selection of food too!

If you are looking for a personal recommendation from our team please feel free to contact us for advice and don’t forget Puerto Banus is in fact a 5 minute drive from Paloma Blanca, making it a perfect point from which to plan your nights out!

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