facts about Marbella, from Paloma Blanca Boutique Hotel in MarbellaThe parties, money and glamour are fabulous in Marbella but did you know that this rich city has so much more to offer? The capital of the Costa del Sol is deeply rooted in tradition, with tons of curiosities and anecdotes for you to discover. Even though the city maintains its urban character through some of the best hotels in Marbella, it still retains its diversity in the form of its rich culture and unique customs.

We have compiled a list of facts that will surely convince you to book your next flight to Marbella to see the beautiful city for yourself!

Amazing Beaches

With over 27km of coastline, Marbella is famous for its heavenly beaches. With fine sand caressing your feet and pristine waters beckoning you to jump in, Marbella offers you 24 beaches to choose from. Adorned with beach bars, clubs and some of the best hotels in Marbella Spain, hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus and Marbella hotels on the beach, you can sunbathe and go surfing to make the most of your day.

Your Ultimate Golf Recluse

Boasting over 17 golf courses, Marbella’s clubs are characterised by comfort and luxury. All of their golf courses are situated within scenic landscapes and breathtaking views so that you and your family can lay back and enjoy the finer things in life. With so many Hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus near golf courses and hotels in Marbella Spain, golf has never been easier to seek out.

Curiosities of Nature

Marbella has some of the most awe-striking marine species and most of them are not found anywhere else on the globe! One of them is a slug by the name of Tambja Marbellensis. Covered with yellow lines and green in colour, this majestic creature can easily be spotted when you go snorkelling. Apart from Marine life, Marbella also has 17 streams running through it, giving the city an aesthetic appeal and making it the destination spot for some amazing pictures. If you are staying in one of the grand hotels in Marbella Spain or the best hotels in Marbella, you should definitely visit some of these amazing tourist spots.

Historic Marbella

The Marbella Wall is a historic wonder, and is easily accessible if you are staying at Marbella Puerto Banus hotels. Built to protect old Arab Medina, this wall now serves as a historical hamlet for Marbella. The circular architecture is in stark contrast to the surroundings, making it easy for you to spot and admire! It can also be spotted and visited from Marbella Puerto Banus hotels, Hotels in Marbella Spain and Marbella hotels on the beach.

A Celebrity Hub!

The likes of Tom Cruise to Michel Obama visit Marbella. This city in Spain has carved out its own place in housing a number of famous celebrities, making it even more apparent that Marbella is where you can come for some much needed escape from mundane routine.

Visit Marbella Today!

Marbella is a place that keeps on giving. Whether it is exquisite food, gorgeous scenes or perfect beaches, Marbella delivers them all. There are plenty of comfortable and budget-friendly accommodations like hotels in Marbella, Spain. Marbella hotels on the beach and Marbella Puerto Banus hotels enhance your stay in the town, while the experience will be full of laughter and memories you can cherish forever.