Restaurants in Old Town Marbella that Everyone Should Try!
Being a culinary paradise for the foodies, Marbella has something for everyone. The Andalusian city, especially Old Town Marbella, is a haven of classy haute restaurants that offer a wide range of cuisine including seafood brought fresh from the Mediterranean waters, a full rack of lamb with delicious marmalade sauce, and tender rabbit sprinkled with rosemary and saffron. Whether you are staying in the best hotels in Marbella or hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus or even Marbella hotels on the beach, you are sure to come across these amazing Old Town restaurants in Marbella.

Seafood cooking on an open fire near Paloma Blanca Hotels in Marbella

Restaurante Messina
With modern decor and contemporary menu, Restaurante Messina is ideally located only a few meters away from the Old Town. Their signature dishes comprise of tuna cooked in papaya, crab curry ravioli sautéed in banana, sea urchin and squid sandwich and yoghurt Chantilly served with strawberries. If you are staying in any of the luxury hotels in Marbella Spain, then you are clearly in luck for Restaurante Messina is only a short walk from the Old Town.

La Niña del Pisto
In complete contrast with Restaurante Messina, La Niña del Pisto is a very traditional Spanish restaurant with a time-honoured Spanish cuisine, food style, service and decor. The gazpacho, features authentic Spanish dishes prepared with freshly plucked local produce and high-quality delicious meat cooked to perfection. Located in one of the gorgeous alleys of Marbella Old Town, La Niña del Pisto easily attracts a steady crowd of gourmet food lovers from Marbella Puerto Banus hotels, all-inclusive hotels in Marbella Spain, and all major first-class hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus.

El Estrecho
Featuring charismatic interiors, alfresco dining and a full-scale gourmet bistro fare, El Estrecho offers the perfect blend of combo food, service and ambiance in Old Town Marbella near popular the best hotels in Marbella, and even mid-priced hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus. On top of everything, the exquisite avant-grade Mediterranean dishes prepared at El Estrecho are everyone’s favourite: moules marinières, sardines with a twist of lemon, homemade-style meatballs, a hearty bowl of seafood salad and scrumptious king prawns. If you are in mood for something truly grand, you simply cannot go wrong with ‘fish of the day’ washed down with a bottle of chilled local wine. El Estrecho is located in the heart of Marbella’s Old Town and a short walk away from all the best Marbella Puerto Banus hotels, as well as ritzy hotels in Marbella Spain offering modern amenities and spacious guest suites.

Maleva Bakery for a Contemporary Brunch Fare
In a city packed with popular big-name restaurants and overcrowded tapas bars, Maleva Bakery is truly a breath of fresh air. Tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood behind the peach promenade near all the posh Marbella Hotels on the beach, best all-inclusive hotels in Marbella, Maleva Bakery is a chic bakery-cum-cafe offering lots of delicious delicacies for breakfast, brunch, lunch and snacks for anytime of the day. The service offered is warm and friendly, while you can enjoy freshly-baked goodies in trendy ambience with an edgy industrial feel.