This post is for those who are considering a winter trip to Marbella but are unsure if this is a good season to travel.

Marbella, after all, is a popular summer destination.

Marbella is known for its luxury yachts and high-end beach clubs. It’s no wonder you are unsure whether to spend your winter vacation in Marbella, or somewhere else.

You’re in for a treat. Marbella’s winter offers a variety of fun activities and there are 300 days of sunshine on the Costa del Sol.

I have lived in Andalucia, and the majority of those years in Costa del Sol. Marbella is one of my favourite coastal towns. I first visited it when I was living in Seville.

You can breathe in the sweet smell of orange blossoms that fills the squares and streets of the old town. Cobblestoned streets lead you past local bars and art galleries, while the sea breeze refreshes your lungs on the promenade.

Winter is a great time to take a trip from Marbella, Andalusia, to the famous Caminito del Rey or to Gibraltar.

Marbella is much less crowded in winter than it is in summer. Enjoy one of the classiest resorts in Andalucia.

This post will show you the many things that you can do in Marbella during winter. I am sure by the time you finish reading it, you’ll want to book your flight!


Marbella winter weather

What can you expect of the winter weather in Marbella? I have been to Marbella on day trips and stayed a few nights in the winter.

There are sunny, hot days, with bikini-clad people scattered on the beach, and grey, rainy days, when hiding in a pub drinking red wine is the best option.

Marbella’s sunny winter days are well-known, but there is an expectation that 4-5 days of rain will fall each month. My experience on the Costa del Sol has been that torrential rains can last up to two weeks and make it impossible to go outside.

It’s not every year but it happens quite often. Nevertheless, a period or two like this could occur later in winter. Winters in Marbella, except for these intensely rainy periods are usually sunny and warm.

You can go to the beach on some days and enjoy the sun, as temperatures range from 15 degrees Celsius during daytime and drop below 10 degrees Celsius in nighttime.

This is also the best time to hike in the Sierra Blanca, behind Marbella. It’s not too warm.

Winter Activities in Marbella

Old town stroll

The best thing to do in Marbella during winter is strolling through the old city. You should spend some time in the old city, even if you’re only visiting Marbella for a day.

The streets will be filled with the sweet scent of orange blossoms in the late winter.

You can enjoy the narrow streets in the summer when they are not crowded. The whitewashed walls are decorated with blue-painted pots, giving the feeling of a small village rather than the Costa del Sol’s main cities.

In the winter sun, cute bars with tables outside invite you to enjoy a glass or beer while taking in the remains of Marbella Castle or the Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion Church.

Marbella old town

Marbella’s best views from a hike

Above Marbella, you can see the famous La Concha summit. It is the most popular hike, along with Cruz de Juanar which is a detour on the way up to La Concha.

The views are worth it! The views are breathtaking. You can see the Marbella coast and the Mediterranean in all its deep blue. You can see Africa on a clear day.

You shouldn’t undervalue this mountain if you decide to hike it. If you are anything like me, there is a section that will give you great vertigo. It can be a very strenuous walk if you are not used to mountain walking.

The Refugio de Juanar is located 20 minutes from Marbella and past the charming village of Ojen. You must arrive before 9:00 am on weekends to ensure parking. This is a popular hiking spot on Costa del Sol, and parking is limited.

Alameda Park is a great place to stroll around

Alameda Park in Marbella is a beautiful green area to stroll around. Winter in Marbella is as enjoyable as any other season.

Around the park, traditional tiled benches can be found and fountains run beneath the trees. It’s one of my favourite parks to sit and watch people on a sunny afternoon.

Enjoy the Christmas Light Show in Malaga

The light show at Calle Larios, Malaga is one of the best things to do during winter in Andalucia. It’s only a 45-minute drive from Marbella and well worth it if you travel in December.

You can also use this as an excuse to go shopping on Malaga’s famous street.

Every night in December, the light show begins at 20:00 accompanied by Christmas songs. It is the busiest event in Malaga, besides the Feria. I recommend you arrive early to get a good spot on the street.

Three Kings Day floats

Spain celebrates Christmas differently from the rest of Europe. Instead of celebrating the 24th and the 25th of December they celebrate the 6th January, when the Three Kings brought presents to the baby Jesus.

The evening of the 5th of January and the morning of the 6th are the days when you can see processions in Marbella with the Three Kings, other biblical characters and fairytale characters carried on large floats.

The crowds are filled with children who play music, and they throw candy at them. You don’t want this to pass you by if you are in Marbella during the first week in January and you happen to travel there in winter.

Puerto Banus is the perfect place to ring in the new year.

Puerto Banus is the best place to celebrate the New Year. Puerto Banus is not the first place that comes to mind when you hear winter. There is no place better for a luxury party!

It’s no different on New Year’s Eve. You’re sure to have a fantastic celebration in the high-end bars.

To join the Spanish tradition, buy 12 grapes. (Preferably without seeds). Eat one grape every second until midnight. This is said to bring you good luck.

Walk the Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey is one of the best walks you can do in Andalucia – if not Spain – when visiting Marbella during winter.

The steep gorge was 100 metres high, and it was the most dangerous climb in the world. In 2015, the gorge was reopened and made safe. It is now one of Andalucia’s most popular activities.

This is a simple walk (for those who don’t have vertigo). It’s a 2-hour walk one way along the stunning Gaitanes Gorge, located close to El Chorro Lakes.