Golfer swinging his club at sunrise near Boutique Hotel in Marbella

Thinking of what to do in Marbella? Are you an avid golf player? Golf takes the cake in being the most entertaining as well as a versatile game to play. With a vast variety of beautifully-set and cultivated golf courses to choose from, you will never be bored. There is no better motivation to play golf than having the luxury of lounging afterward at Marbella Hotels on the beach.

Here are some of the golf courses you can choose from while staying at Hotels in Marbella, Spain:

  • Los Arqueros Golf

Breath-taking, daring, and bold are a few words that come to mind when thinking about this golf course. Nestled in beautiful mountains and rugged terrain, this golf course paints a stunning view. Built by the famous golf player, Severiano Ballesteros, this golf course offers the perfect balance between a natural landscape and a challenging golf course. Approaching the golf course has never been easier with some of the best hotels in Marbella being so close to it. 

  • Las Brisas Golf

Found in the middle of Nueva Andalucia golf valley, this golf course provides you with the most relaxing and established courses. Founded in the late sixties by the famous D. José Banús, it hosted the world cup for 2 years straight. After you are done with playing golf, some of the best hotels in Marbella and Hotels in Marbella Spain near La Brisas, have an amazing assortment of delicacies to satisfy your appetite with.

  • Los Flamingos Golf

Los Flamingos golf course is one of the most highly-maintained golf courses in Marbella. Built on a luxury estate, the place offers spectacular views as well as optimised space. Guests and members can choose from a variety of golf courses to suit their needs. Around it are hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus and best hotels in Marbella to spend time relaxing after a day’s worth of playing golf.

  • Marbella Club Golf Resort

This 18-hole golf resort is perfect for someone looking for some challenge. The simplicity of the resort gives way to its beauty. Located in Benahavis, guests are treated with views from the African coastline, the Mediterranean, and the surrounding mountains. Overcrowding is not an issue at all because the resort allows twelve minutes between break-times. This could be a good time to check out Marbella hotels on the beach to watch the sunset.

  • El Paraiso Golf

Greeted with views from the sea, guests are given a chance to lay back and relax. With a friendly atmosphere, the place offers access to the beach if you want to take a break from playing golf. The course also has a flat terrain which means that you can play golf without having to worry about treading your buggy up and down the hill. With the beach so near, try checking out some of the best hotels in Marbella.

Are you excited to visit golf courses on your next vacation to Marbella? Make sure to check out some of the best hotels in Marbella. If you are not a golfing fan, please consider reading about our must-see points around Marbella. After a busy day adventuring around Marbella, use our article about some of the best restaurants in Marbella old town to decide where to eat. If you have enjoyed this content, please consider reading more of our articles below: