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Marbella is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations for all nationalities and with so much to offer, it is worth doing research prior to your trip. The tips and knowledge that we share here will give you information to make the most out of your next trip.

Tips and knowledge about beaches, late-night bars and hotels near Marbella that will improve your next visit. There is much more to this Andalucian city than you may think.


Marbella is NOT Puerto Banus
Marbella is know for its reputation of being a glitzy holiday destination that hosts elites such as Formula 1 drivers, supermodels and tycoons. All of these lifestyles are closely linked to the marina of Puerto Banus, which is an entirely different development 5 miles west from the town of Marbella. The beautiful Paseo Maritimo on the shorefront of Marbella is lined with touristy shops and bars, but the remainder of Marbella is very much a working Spanish city. Take a stroll through the old town of Marbella to take in the authentic Spanish neighbourhoods to appreciate this fact. Additionally, the notorious Golden Mile is not part of the city either, it connects Puerto Banus to Marbella city. All along this area, a string of Marbella Puerto Banus hotels.


Salvador Dali Sculptures
Face of Salvador Dali sculptures near Boutique hotel MarbellaThe Paloma Blanca Boutique hotel Marbella, is one of the newer hotels in the area and is a 7 mile drive from the brilliant open-air sculpture collection by Salvador Dali. This dedication by the artist to Marbella town stems from the Catalonia-born artist who lived from 1904 – 1989, yet never lived in Marbella personally.

Visit the Avenida del Mar to view the surreal bronze works scattered across the spacious boulevard which joins the old town to the Paseo Maritimo. Hotels in Marbella old town act as an ideal location from walking distance to this unique seaside location.

Boutique Shopping

Shoppers looking for a range of boutique shops, filled with stylish summer dresses, beach attire, shoes and handbags, created by local manufacturers will enjoy the shops littered across the cobbled streets of Marbella old town. If this is a dream for you, complete your trip by staying in a boutique hotel in Marbella, to continue the magic throughout your entire stay.

Weather and Climate

The Costa del Sol is a region of southern Spain that enjoys approximately 320 days of sun each year. Part of this is due to the beautiful Sierra Blanca mountains that protect the area. The mountains create a microclimate throughout the area, meaning guests can relax by the pool or at Marbella hotels on the beach. Guests can expect to enjoy average summer temperatures of 29 degrees celsius, whilst during winter that average sits around 12 degrees.

We look forward to inviting you to Paloma Blanca Boutique Hotel in Marbella and making your next visit a pleasant and relaxing experience. We are considered the new hidden gem amongst a long list otherwise standard hotels near Marbella. Contact a member of our friendly staff or visit our website to see if we have availability for your next getaway to Marbella.