A walking tour around Marbella offers the visitors a rare glimpse into its glorious past. Every corner of Marbella’s Old Town is filled with a wealth of historical and cultural treasures. Discover the scenic highlights of Marbella on this special route with 12 amazing must-see key stops!

Streets of Marbella during the day, close to Boutique Hotel in Marbella, Spain

Paloma Blanca Hotel Marbella
As the initial point of our walking tour, Paloma Blanca Hotel is one of the best Marbella Puerto Banus hotels found in the Old Town. Featuring a total of 75 luxurious suites, gourmet dining, poolside bar and outdoor swimming pool, Paloma Blanca Hotel is one of the top boutique hotels in Marbella Spain.

Entry gate to the old town
The Old Town of Marbella is the city’s historical centre with a labyrinth of winding streets, boutique shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and of course the most traditional hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus.

Chapel of San Juan de Dios
While walking by the narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town, the third stop you will come across is the Chapel of San Juan de Dios, a beautiful 16-century church building located in the heart of the Old Town near the best deluxe hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus.

Museum of Contemporary Spanish Printmaking
The next stop on our route is the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Printmaking, which showcases popular pieces of artwork by some of the most famous Spanish artists of the 20th century including Picasso, Dalí and Miró. The museum is tucked away in the beautiful back alleys of the Old Town near downtown hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus.

Church of the Incarnation
Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation is a 16-century Spanish church unlike any other church in the country. Located in the Marbella monumental centre near hotels in Marbella Spain, it truly a sight to behold with its gorgeous pyramidal spire and its iron angel at the pinnacle.

Our Lady of Sorrows
Our Lady of Sorrows found in a prominent location within the Old Town near many popular hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus, the shrine is perhaps one of the most fascinating features of this walking tour around the city.

Arab Wall
In the old centre of Marbella where you can find the best Marbella Puerto Banus hotels, is the facade of the famous Arab Wall, part of the historical remains of the Alcazaba Fortress.

Santo Cristo Hermitage
Another memorable destination on this walking tour is the Santo Cristo Hermitage, a peculiar place full of unusual drawings and a unique architectural style. For those of you who might be staying at one of the best hotels in Marbella, this is a must-see key point in a village near Cáceres.

Montenebro Street
One of the most elegant streets of Marbella is surely the Montenebro Street, where you will find the grandest hotels in Marbella Spain. Full of the sweet scents of jasmine and orange blossoms, the street will take you back to the ages.

Town Hall
Walking down the delightful lanes of Marbella, you will come across the Town Hall, located on the north side of the monumental Orange Square. This is also where one of the best hotels in Marbella are found for a comfortable stay in the city.

Los Naranjos Square
Los Naranjos Square is one of the most popular highlights on this walking tour, especially for those travellers who are staying at one of the many posh Marbella Puerto Banus hotels in town. A stunning open space, the square is lined with many upscale hotels in Marbella Puerto Banus and restaurants frequented by tourists.

Victory Square
Victory Square is a charming open space in the heart of Marbella known for its greenery and beauty. Discover more about Marbella by learning fascinating facts.